More Rail Improvements

February 26, 2007

Earlier we blogged about using soft-core porn to entice new transit customers. But those geniuses in New York City, New York may have hit upon something even better. This is from today’s Metropolitan Diary:


I was on my way home from seeing a great double feature at Film Forum with a friend. On the F train back to Brooklyn, there was a young guy standing near the door, strumming his guitar. A girl and her dreadlocked pal got on the train at West Fourth Street, and she whispered something to the guitar guy.

He nodded and softly began playing the Gloria Gaynor song “I Will Survive.”

The girl started to sing the song. Not like “American Idol,” just like a normal person. A couple of us standing near her started humming along, and people looked up from their reading. A few girls started singing, a couple of guys joined in and then some others and more and more.

Within a moment, everyone in the entire car was singing “I Will Survive” at full-throat volume in the subway under New York City.

When we reached the end, everyone clapped and cheered and hooted and hollered. A fabulous New York hootenanny.”

Other than the fact that a hootenanny is, “an informal session of folk music and singing,” and not Disco superhits, albeit in Folk-like renditions, the singing car seems to have been an overnight success. I wouldn’t be surprised if the MTA made official singing cars, spurring New Yorkers to walk in record numbers, or at least improving bus traffic.

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