The Good Old Days

February 26, 2007

A long time ago, me and the guys from Hashbrownsandtoast had our own blog together. Dash and Stopsnitchin’ were on a mission to eat at every restaurant in a row on the west side of broadway from 114th street to times square, and at one point we attempted to blog about it. The blog lasted maybe a week, and we maybe reached 108th street. Still, we ate a lot of mediocre meals along the way. In case anyone is interested, here’s the link. I warn you, the blog makes absolutely no sense and is filled with references to people you don’t know, nor do you care about (Vadim).

3 Responses to “The Good Old Days”

  1. nodocy cares, how dare you Red? I was the one who starteed the Liiiiiiiiiiiist…and of course the one to finish first.

  2. dailysalad Says:

    i care antiblast. i was just pointing out that we had yet to introduce the vadim character on this website, so our readers would-alas-be unaware of your existence, and most likely uncaring. now that you have commented, i’m sure that our readership will care.

  3. Isaac Says:

    I know him and I still don’t care….

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