Now Here’s a Game I Can Get Behind

February 27, 2007


While we Americans continue to make video games about sex, violence, cars and other such nonsense, the Japanese are apparently making PS3 Railfan games. Not only that, the game quite prominently features your Chicago Brown Line in unbelievable detail.

I can’t get over how well the designers capture both the majesty of Chicago…


…and the insanity of the Loop Elevated track structure.


They even remember to refer to the Brown Line as


(Btw, you know these are game shots because there are a) no homeless people, b) the Brown Line runs on schedule, and c) no one would ever graffiti something nice about the CTA)

More about the game (which is sadly available only in Japan) here. Still, it’s probably time for me to buy a PS3 and an import of the game.

One Response to “Now Here’s a Game I Can Get Behind”

  1. Isaac Says:

    Wow, those graphics are insane! I feel like someone videotaped the inside of your brain and made a video game about it.

    Where’s the regular video game reviewer? withawhisper-boy, come back!

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