People Who Hang Their Name Tags on Their Belts…

March 1, 2007

…heel to the face.

Really. Why do you have to do it? I know why you have to do it…

You want me to look at your crotch. Or in the vicinity of your crotch. Because…

You is sick.

Heel. to. the face.

Do you know how particular that sort of violent reaction is? It would not be easy for me to heel your face. In fact, it’s hardly possible. This is how much I hate your waist-level nametag. I don’t care if you is guy, or you is girl, or you is robot. I even feel antipathetic towards robot crotch – if that robot is coercing me into looking at it (or in its general vicinity) when all I want to know is its robo-name.

You keep your name…you robots, men, and women alike. I don’t want to know it anyway, if where you keep it is near yo crotch. Have you no respect for your name? Or fo yo crotch?

But maybe I’m just an old fashioned ibiteyoureyes.


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