2008 Watch: The Hidden Issue

March 2, 2007

I think I found an unexplored issue that has the potential to realign the electorate and galvanize voters like nothing else. In a sense you can say it’s related to environmental policy or infrastructure, but what I’m proposing here is really something far more necessary and vital for the American populace. It’s something that everyone wants, yet no-one really thinks about, something we’ve been prepared to ignore, yet also something that will substantially improve our lot if we take action. Without any sort of exaggerating, I present to you the hidden issue in the 2008 election, the one that will turn the tide for whichever candidate decides to explore it: drainage.

American cities are totally unprepared for110139063_f3f29d3e30_m.jpg the rain. Puddles form all over our fair streets, reeking havoc on our shoes and pants. Whole stretches of sidewalk are rendered uncrossable because of these impromptu lakes, entire blocks cut off from the economy. Would you want to park your car at any of these meters? Nay! Instead you do your shopping over the internet, hurting local retailers, or not at all, thus sending America to the brink of recession.

But it’s not just the economy that’s hurt, it’s American morale. In these dark times of war and terrorism the last things Americans need are the rainy-day blues lasting for weeks on end because the deplorable conditions of our streets keep us indoors. America was founded on the promise of the pursuit of happiness; perhaps its time we do something to make good on that promise.

Lower Manhattan’s cobblestone streets sure are pretty, but are they worth the pain and suffering?


I can only hope this little post can reach the attention of the powers that be.

One Response to “2008 Watch: The Hidden Issue”

  1. JT Says:

    This photo is delightful. I will look at it when my dearest is crying in the corner over a broken nail. It reminds me of that sometimes.

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