Yesterday’s Salad: The Internet Phenomenon that Cares

March 4, 2007

WordPress once again put Yesterday’s Salad on its list of growing blogs, this time sliding us in at number 90 between “drowned world” and blogshul. A 50% jump in traffic will do that. What can I say, we’re famous. Actually, “fame” is a pretty interesting word/concept. Fame comes from the Latin “Fama” which means “report.” The first English use is “That which people say or tell; public report, common talk; a particular instance of this, a report, rumour.” That definition is now rare, but the idea hasn’t been lost. The current definition is, “The condition of being much talked about. Chiefly in good sense: Reputation derived from great achievements; celebrity, honour, renown.” The idea of being reported, or spoken about, is at the root of the word’s meaning. Consider: his fame precedes him. It’s also different from the Hebrew word comes from the root, le-pharsem, meaning to publish, publicize. There the idea is not what people are talking about, but what someone publishes, what some wants people to talk about. So, in which state is Yesterday’s Salad? Are people on the street stopping others and engaging in YS themed conversation? Are our fellow bloggers and bloggettes shining forth?

Other than our good friends at hashbrownsandtoast and jewbiquitous, we don’t consistently receive links from other websites, so my wordpress stats page doesn’t reveal too many universal truths. So, in my hour of need, I turn to technorati, and I find something magical: a poem alluding to Yesterday’s Salad. Here’s the relevant stanza:

“I laid everything on the table

And offered it to anyone who could use it more than I

And did everything I could not to let them see me cry

And it was all tossed aside like more insane ramblings and yesterday’s salad” (and the rest)

The author is clearly making a dual reference in this line, hinting at both the actual salad (tossed aside) and the website (insane ramblings).

I couldn’t be prouder of our achievement: myspace poetry equals the big-time.

4 Responses to “Yesterday’s Salad: The Internet Phenomenon that Cares”

  1. JT Says:

    I’d like to think i did my part.

    But then again references to “Brad Pitt”, “Angelina Jolie”, “Sienna Miller”, “Jude Law”, “Cock Ring”, “Orgy”, etc probably played a bigger part.

    And now they’re saying cock-rings are offensive. They who? Its just “they” (like in the x-files only this time in reference to screwing celebrities up the ass).

  2. hashbrowns Says:

    how do you tell your ranking? do they email it to you? HB&T must be due for some sort of award. Like king of blogs or something regal-ish.

  3. dailysalad Says:

    we were the 90th most growing blog the other day on wordpress’ blog of wordpress blogs (how meta). without growing, i don’t know how to get a ranking. you may take that as a challenge or as a sign of my eternal love for kindness and consideration.

  4. Erotikshop Says:

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