Invented Nostalgia

March 6, 2007

I only moved to Davis Square, future home of CHIPOTLE, at the end of last summer. I don’t have too many memories of life here, as strange as that may seem. It’s all very routine. I rarely go out to the bars in Davis; my friends mostly live down at Harvard, and outings usually take place there or at a random apartment on the way to Inman Square (my apologies to anyone unfamiliar with Massachusetts Bay geography). My life in my neighborhood is very much yom-yomi.

Looking, as I always do, for great salad pictures (here’s one: 291935187_14403a71a2.jpg

), I somehow saw a picture of Davis on Flickr. After that I was hooked. I scour through pictures; I go through a complete slide-show of Somerville/Cambridge pictures, filling up with a nostalgia for Somerville moments I never had. There was the blizzard I never got to see; there were the live bands I watched in the square instead of angrily listening to in my appartment; there was “Sideways” playing at the Somerville theater. It was a strange feeling; all the markings existed to give me a stronger identification with my surrounds than I had before, yet it is almost hyper-real, an imagined, invented identification. I am both more at home here and less so.

Here is a picture of the old One Davis Square. It was torn down shortly before I moved here. I only saw it once, when I came to look at my apartment. 253695888_b83532c53f.jpg

It’s almost like a ghost. I can remember it, if I try, but I have no attachments to it. My internal map of Davis is very much shaped by the empty space, now rising into a CVS.

Still some pictures really do make me feel at home.


The photo itself is a mess, but the scene is unmistakable.

The significance of space: impossible to tell in writing.

3 Responses to “Invented Nostalgia”

  1. JT Says:

    cucumber, radish, arugla, a bit of fish on the bottom, perhaps salmon? the plate looks like a train wreck. xo. JT.

  2. subaltern gentrification

  3. dailysalad Says:

    JT- you neglected the beets, of golden and original variety, which are the pride and glory of the salad.

    Antiblast- I am interested in your views and would like to subscribe to your newsletter.

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