Google Maps is the Best

March 7, 2007

Just a quick post tonight as I’m behind on my French and I want to finish The Duellists so I can send it back to Netflix and receive another film before monday. Alas, despite the Napoleonic setting of The Duellists the movie is not in French–even more of a shocker given Harvey Keitel’s known Francophilia. Anyway, although we at the Salad are firm believers in mass transit, I’ve decided to let our dear readers know that Google maps now shows traffic information. Simply enter your location and hit “traffic” (located on the map itself, near the “hybrid” button).


(Image courtesy of Lifehacker)

Green means smooth sailing, yellow congestion, and red means stop and go.

Hopefully, this’ll encourage a few people that it’s a better idea to take the train instead of driving. In the words of Rishi Bhat, “Hey, it could happen!”

Oh, that Letterman!

March 7, 2007

The Late Show is running a small advertising campaign in New York that basically works like this:

Video footage of David Letterman, smiling his goofy Letterman smile and waving to you as you pass by a subway station that has one of those video billboards.

If that’s not clear enough…it’s a billboard/poster made out of a TV screen…so you can…like…change the images…and have them…move. Move-a-Louvre. Move-a-Louvre groove. Move to the groove at The Louvre. A-bow-bow.

This got me thinking, which is unusual, because I first saw this video billboard during a work day.

First, I thought: Oh, that Letterman!

Then I wondered what other celebrity or celebrity types I’d like to see performing some interactive…activity…in a similar manner as Mr. Letterman and his wave.

  1. The Shameless Pick: A freshly shaven Britney Spears, waiting, wild-eyed, for passerby…buzzers in hand.
  2. The Lusty Pick: Jenna Jameson, or some betterer porn star (ibiteyoureyes abstains from porn, because he has a hot girlfriend) performing some sort of “come hither” gesture.
  3. The Toothy Pick: a Jewel music video.
  4. The Sporty Pick: New England Patriots WR Reche Caldwell, just…looking…at passerby.

    Reche Caldwell

  5. The Political Pick: The POTUS…just doing anything that the POTUS does…

  6. The Self-Damning Pick: Chief Consumer Correspondent Lea Thompson’s warning passerby about the dangers of salad.
  7. The Nostalgic Pick: The Hanker for a Hunk a Cheese Guy, doin his thang…

Other ideas are welcome…


Dash Hammerskjold is world renowned for his breadth and depth in the field of pizza, having published several influential articles on the topic in Critical Inquiry. Living in the pizza hell of the united states after living in two of its capitals (Chicago, and New York) has led me to seek out good pizza with a veracity I usually reserved for subaltern studies, or proving famous scholars are misreading texts. (Although, one can not misread as there are no incorrect readings.) My trips to New Haven are practically pilgrimages to Sally’s and Pepe’s (my least favorite of the big 4, but the one I visit the most), and I spent winter break seeking out the best thin crust pizza in Chicago.

Anyway, I found this on technorati today. In the post, the author claims that a good pizza requires three things: 1) Lots of Cheese, 2) A good amount of Crust, and 3) A very tasty tomato sauce. Anyone who has ever had a New Haven pie knows that the traditional New Haven apizza is made with very little cheese (nary a sprinkle of Parmesan) and has the thinnest possible crust. Despite that, it is a terrific pizza. I urge the doyens of said blog to have a good New Haven pie before making such generalizations.

Anyway, I only bring this up because I find the concept of the aforementioned blog, “Mixed Drinks With Dr. Pepper,” brilliant. I’m glad there’s finally a blog out there to answer the age-old question, “Does Dr. Pepper go with Sloe-Gin?” Or even Rye, and Campari for that matter. I must say, I’m glad I’m not the one who has to taste all these disgusting beverages, or eat Egg Drop Soup with Quesadillas. They’re doing the world (or at least me, who would probably have tried to combine the two dishes) a favor in their experimentation. I may even have to add them to the Blogroll.