Oh, that Letterman!

March 7, 2007

The Late Show is running a small advertising campaign in New York that basically works like this:

Video footage of David Letterman, smiling his goofy Letterman smile and waving to you as you pass by a subway station that has one of those video billboards.

If that’s not clear enough…it’s a billboard/poster made out of a TV screen…so you can…like…change the images…and have them…move. Move-a-Louvre. Move-a-Louvre groove. Move to the groove at The Louvre. A-bow-bow.

This got me thinking, which is unusual, because I first saw this video billboard during a work day.

First, I thought: Oh, that Letterman!

Then I wondered what other celebrity or celebrity types I’d like to see performing some interactive…activity…in a similar manner as Mr. Letterman and his wave.

  1. The Shameless Pick: A freshly shaven Britney Spears, waiting, wild-eyed, for passerby…buzzers in hand.
  2. The Lusty Pick: Jenna Jameson, or some betterer porn star (ibiteyoureyes abstains from porn, because he has a hot girlfriend) performing some sort of “come hither” gesture.
  3. The Toothy Pick: a Jewel music video.
  4. The Sporty Pick: New England Patriots WR Reche Caldwell, just…looking…at passerby.

    Reche Caldwell

  5. The Political Pick: The POTUS…just doing anything that the POTUS does…

  6. The Self-Damning Pick: Chief Consumer Correspondent Lea Thompson’s warning passerby about the dangers of salad.
  7. The Nostalgic Pick: The Hanker for a Hunk a Cheese Guy, doin his thang…

Other ideas are welcome…


One Response to “Oh, that Letterman!”

  1. Cody Says:

    Star Wars kid.

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