Wii Sports Baseball – Sakura Strategy Guide

March 8, 2007

For the uninitiated Saladeers, Sakura is the evil final boss of the Wii Sports Baseball subgame. Her vicious combination of wild pitching and powerful hitting render her a devastating, nigh unbeatable nemesis. But all is not lost – if you follow my simple guide to domination, you shall find an intimacy with victory that may lead to spooning.


This is where you win. Sakura’s team are all hitting maniacs and if you’re not careful you’ll be mercy ruled in the first inning. You can not throw strikes. If you throw a strike, a base hit or home run will follow. The secret is to throw bad pitches that still draw swings. There’re numerous methods to this, but the simplest algorithm is

Always pitch outside. Always throw as slowly as possible.

You will walk some folks. Go ahead and walk them. Do not throw a strike just because it’s a 3-0 count. Sakura will still get some hits and some runs, but trust the algorithm. Follow the system and she will score between zero and four runs per game.


It can be hard to score runs against Sakura. Thankfully, if you follow the pitching algorithm you won’t have to score many. The true way to destroy Sakura is pitch selection, but as that’s a developed ability and can’t be broken down into a system, I provide a simpler alternative.

Don’t swing until you have two strikes.

Force Sakura to throw a lot of pitches. Your goal in the first two innings should be to draw at least 25 pitches each. At pitch 38 Sakura will begin to sweat and at pitch 50 she’ll begin to sweat hard. When she sweats hard in the third inning, every other pitch will be an error (!) and float over the plate at 73 mph. That’s when it’s time to tee off. If you can score some runs early, great, but it’s more important to draw a lot of pitches out of Sakura. If you get good enough at this she’ll start walking in runs.

Eventually you’ll have earned enough points that you’ll need beat Sakura by Mercy Rule to continue advancing. When that happens you’ll have to learn pitch selection and score runs early – or pat yourself on the back but admit you’ve played a little too much Wii.


Every computer controlled batter will ALWAYS swing at and miss a slow, inside splitter. The risk of using this pitch every time is hanging the splitter and watching it get pounded, but if you’ve already thrown two strikes, think about using this pitch to put the final nail in the coffin.

21 Responses to “Wii Sports Baseball – Sakura Strategy Guide”

  1. dailysalad Says:

    Please publish a follow-up article about pitch selection and batter tendencies.

  2. Wii sports bosses are lame. and they’re all chicks! (at least for tennis and baseball). WTF is that? Like would it have been so hard to have a Federer-looking dude as the final boss on Wii tennis? Would people really have had a problem with the fact taht maybe a guy (this guy) was the best tennis player in all Nintendo sports?

  3. Jardini Says:

    Wow, i am amazed that someone actually wrote a stragedy guide on how to play wii baseball.

    Baseball actually wasn’t hard, I found boxing to be a lot harder

  4. Genie Says:

    Erm, Jardini- what is your baseball skill level?? If you’re:
    A) A pro, and have
    B) Beaten Sakura, I will accept your opinion, if not, then come back when you’ve let her cream you a few times.

    Thanks for the writeup, Cody- I had noticed some of the strategies that you speak of. I’m off to have another crack at her.

  5. Gaun Says:

    boxing is the easiest sport on the whole game, just dodge really fast left to right and when you hear the “Whoosh” throw some punches

  6. Shelbo Says:

    The computer seems to hit the ball every time I throw using the up or down arrows. I am only successful with the directional arrows when I pitch inside or outside(right and left, not not up and down).

    Do you only use up and down in combination with curveball or screwball? It seems that pitching becomes very difficult against these 1200 level compute players. Thanks.

  7. chris Says:

    it doesnt seem possible to pitch high and low, only inside and outside. also am i just going to have to keep playing sakura over and over??? she really is a nightmare, all she does it throw splitters and its really annoying.

  8. Greg Says:

    Chris: Yes, you have to keep playing Sakura over and over again. She does tend to throw a lot of splitters, but usually they are balls, so if you’re patient and pay attention, you can actually get her to walk you.

    Shelbo: The up and down arrows have no effect in baseball, despite the fact that the controller vibrates when you push them while pitching.

    For me, pitching side arm (press the 2 button on the controller at some point while you are the pitcher) and throwing splitters outside tends to work best for striking out Sakura’s players

  9. Logan Says:

    it really works i beat her 4-0 on my first try. if they throw you a fastball down the middle though swing no matter how many strikes you have.

  10. moose Says:

    Another approach is to swing at every pitch, but hold the bat pointed down. This allows you to foul off enough of the splitters to still wear out Sakura by the third, while at the same time giving you lots of swings in the early innings. I beat her about half the time using this strategy, coupled with careful pitching (very few splitters, everything either inside or outside).

  11. Sakura Beater Says:

    I just beat Sakura three times in a row and lost points each time. I mercy ruled her 5-0 in the first inning and lost 3 points. I Mercy ruled her in the second inning 7-2 and lost 19 points. Finally I Mercy ruled her in the third inning 8-0 and lost 5 points. I’m barely hanging on to my 2700 rating.

  12. Frustrated Pro Says:

    Best advice I have seen so far. Thank you.

    Ignore Sakura Beater

  13. PanamaJack Says:

    This method has worked for me. I finally beat Sakura for the first time, a 1-0 victory. At first, I wasn’t patient waiting for her pitches but learned not to swing often and let most of her pitches pass as balls, there will be some strikes but mostly balls.

    I found that she began sweating at 40 something pitches and around 50 something when the exclamation mark (!) appeared but it is at that time to really try to lay the wood on the ball. Pitching outside and slow as recommended.

    Good strategy.

  14. […] perché sono curioso come una scimmia di sapere come va avanti! E se trovo un blog in cui si spiega come sconfiggere Sakura a baseball in wii sport o altri tipi di guide, io me le […]

  15. I subscribed to your blog 🙂

  16. rick Says:

    just stumbled across these tips. great info. Sakura is killing me. i can confirm that under hand pitches work well. i use them extensively for right handed players. i throw inside on them, them follow up with a slider. the speed change up gets them. for lefties, i throw inside over hand as an underhand insider to a lefty gets whacked. besides those strategies, i agree: inside or outside. never across the plate.

    as for forcing Sakura to throw multiple pitches? great info! what i did once….accidentally, was to stick my bat across the plate. i swear she must have thrown about 12 pitches before i got thrown, or bunted out. armed with this new info? hmmm…

    might be worth it to sacrifice an inning like this. thanks for your info. best tips i’ve read so far.

  17. Your blog is really great. I get some ideas when it comes to wii sports.

  18. Hi everyone, This site is first-class and so is the manner in which the theme was expanded. I like some of the comments as well although I would prefer we remain on the topic so that to add value to the idea.

  19. Royal Lance Says:

    This is some insane stuff. Nice article!

  20. Brandon Says:

    never throw a splitter to helen, she hit a home run 3 times on me when i throw that pitch.

  21. Steve Says:

    lol I just beat her 12-2. When she gets tired it goes from very hard to hit to almost auto homeruns.

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