The Boyfriend Trouser

March 9, 2007

The Gap has lately been advertising a new addition to their women’s line of clothing – The Boyfriend Trouser.

The fact that this article’s name sounds more like a British B-movie murder mystery (taking place at…maybe a clothier’s shop) notwithstanding – or maybe with standing, who can really tell – I have a few immediate reactions to this innovative new product:

1. Does this mean I get to keep my trousers? Is that what you are marketing? Women can have their own boyfriend-pants (that’s what trousers are typically called in America, Gap) instead of stealing them from their boyfriends? Are you saying that all girlfriends steal pants? Steal them and try to mask the crime by calling them trousers?

“These ain’t yo pants, boyfriend! These are my boyfriend trousers! Step off!”

2. What about single women? Can they wear these trousers? If they do, will single men be able to identify them still as single, or will they be thrown off by the boyfriendyness of their tr- their pants!

3. Assuming I am way off in all of the above…then what? Are these trousers MADE out of boyfriend?

Gap, you need to be clearer about these things. All I see is a bunch of pretty people, of various colors, lined up next to each other in an advertisement, wearing clothes. They aren’t even dancing!

Shoot when you see the whites of ibiteyoureyes!

(Get it? You can see my whites…my undies…because…my girlfriend stole my trousers! Pants.)

5 Responses to “The Boyfriend Trouser”

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  3. […] 10th, 2007 I have more to say on the subject of The Boyfriend Trouser. This situation is worse than I originally […]

  4. JT Says:

    This means means when a dude has a girlfriend and she gets a huge ass from eating bon-bons and sitting on the couch all day the larger cut of the boyfriend trousers will delude her into thinking she’s getting away with something. It also means when she asks “do I look fat in these trousers?” you’ll have been fooled by the trousers and can answer “no, you look no fatter than usual!” This will either result in a slap in the face or some wonderful “I love you like an automobile or great pair of shoes” sex. xo. R.A.F. McCabe.

  5. […] just in time to fend off a mysterious assailant who was trying to strangle him with a pair of boyfriend trousers. The plot thickens, does it not, mon […]

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