What would’ve been a nice post.

March 19, 2007

Here I was, about to write a really pleasant post about bicycle riding. I got a new bike in the last couple of days, and it has been wonderful riding it around Chicago. It’s great exercise, and as someone who believes less and less in the importance of cars, I was happy to make it my primary mode of transportation.

Then some asshole stole it.

I owned this bike for a grand total of two days.

Wherever you are, Rollo Tomassi, your days are numbered.

One Response to “What would’ve been a nice post.”

  1. elcidcampeador Says:

    Dear Sir,

    While aware that the fictional Rollo Tomassi may in fact have been the perpetrator of this crime, my instincts lead me to believe that it may in fact have been a certain Antonio Ricci or even a more nebulous character listed solely as the thief. However, as always, the real culprit is the general woe of postwar Italy.


    El Cid

    P.S. S. snitchin suggests that as your bike was stolen on the street, you should go steal someone elses. What happens on the street, should be resolved on the street.

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