Tomorrow Dash departs for New York City, New York, home to the Radio City Rockettes, Koronet Pizza, at least ten immigrants, and most of the world’s foremost internet provocateurs (including the always sympathetic and charming jewbiquitous)–yet somehow it is apparently too small for both Dash and the boys from Hash Browns and Toast to coexist. In fact, Mr. Furry-Paws and S. Top Snitchin co-wrote a post about their anticipation of my journey, using an extended The Wire analogy. Very funny, and very worth checking out. I for one am excited to see these two greenhorns, who, if nothing else, still have love for the streets.

While I’m sending you places, I’d also like to recommend The Movie Paradise, which I found randomly and which has proved to be quite a good movie site. Though I may disagree with him that Donnie Darko has gone undetected (if anything, it’s been detected too much), overall, the proprietor has a good taste in movies, and I’m interested in seeing if he’d like to offer a rebuttal to notwithabang…’s review of 300.