North! West! East? South?

March 29, 2007

Ibiteyoureyes, in deference to the sex goddess Lucinda Williams, decided to go on Amazon (.com) today to buy the Compact Disc of the album West.

Unbeknownst to me, but beknownst to my computer, I had recently almost bought another album, Elvis Costello’s North. It is worth pointing out, at this point, and next to the circle, and above that triangle – a woman’s…you know…can be like the Bermuda Triangle (and that can sometimes be a good thing) that if I had a gun pointed at my eyes, and the gun-toter said that he would not pull the trigger if I slept with a man, that it would take me a fair amount of time to decide which man to do it with, Elvis Costello, Springsteen, or Paul Newman circa 1969 (Redford doesn’t look too bad either). Maybe D.H. Lawrence, circa 1912, could be included as well, except I think he might like it too much, and creep me out. I might choose the gun in that case. This whole point has gone on too far. Ibiteonlytheboobs.

The real point is that I had been meaning to buy that Elvis album (or so my computer claimed), so I went ahead and purchased it along with West. Three hours then went by before I realized that I had just ordered two Compact Discs titled North, and West.

So, somebody buy me this album.

And, this album.

And this movie. (Don’t really! I already have it!)

And, most importantly – THIS. (Do their uniforms say “BIMBO?”)


2 Responses to “North! West! East? South?”

  1. […] the CTA’s North (and Northwest. See ibiteyoureyes for more information about ordinal directions) Side infrastructure has been crumbling for some time […]

  2. West is great. But I did not buy it for you for your birthday, senor.

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