Daily Potatoes?

April 2, 2007


In honour of Passover, and Dash’s gig roasting potatoes, the daily salad is being (temporarily) replaced with daily potatoes. Ah potatoes, full of starchy goodness! Actually potatoes are extra wonderful on Passover, when Potato Vodka is Dash’s number 3 source of drunken merriment behind only Manischewitz and Slivovitz (but only in its 70% alcohol variety).

As Senior Notwithabang…’s already posted today, and I’m being called to help prepare Matzo Balls, I’ll leave you with only two tidbits (and, sigh, no theory). The first: how baseball announcers make poetry. In today’s Phillies-Braves, the announcer bespoke this little ditty: “Langerhans/ he too/ 0 for 2.” Poetry in action…

And lastly, your friend and mine William Safire, who, believe it or not, is not the inspiration for our WOTD columns, had this choice piece in his column yesterday on the collocation “sweet spot”:

“It is used as an alternative to “soft spot” in “I have a sweet spot in my heart for him/her/it”; it is also mistakenly used in lieu of G-spot, supposedly an erogenous zone.”

Supposedly an erogenous zone? Why does William Safire doubt the existence of the G-Spot? A leading question, I know. But more importantly, why has he turned his column into an anti-Women’s orgasm bully pulpit? And people say we’re misogynistic.

One Response to “Daily Potatoes?”

  1. AmidalaGeisha Says:

    LOVED the article (but the photo even more) on roasting potatoes for Passover! If someone had given me THESE (they look like Denny’s homefries…*drool*…) instead of those icky Latkes & Knaedlach, I might have finished converting. Also, what WAS that weird “dessert”: a cone of little dough balls, superglued and covered w/honey and maybe fruits? I forgot the name but it was tooth-shattering, so you couldn’t actually eat it. It was as if the Christians made “anti-Fruitcake”: tastes so awful it never gets eaten and THEN turns hard as a rock.

    As for Safire…I happen to know there IS a G-spot! Even a Muslim friend of mine found it (after some guidance), while experimenting on my roommate. When I began telling him another way to please her, he said, “What ees thees ‘G-spot’-you mean you ‘twink’ it and it goes: ‘Geeee’?…!” Something like that, buddy.

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