April 4, 2007

Despite its many claims to cosmopolitan grandeur (including, but not limited to Barack Obama, Oprah, Millennium Park, and Chicago style hot-dogs), Chicago can sometimes seem like a small provincial town. The recent sale of the Tribune Company to real-estate tycoon (real-estateur?) Sam Zell occupied the lede of every single section of the Tribune. He was on the front page, the business page, the sports section (where he will stay for some time given the upcoming sale of the Cubs to Yesterday’s Salad’s own ibiteyoureyes. Ibiteyourfranchise!), the metro section, the Week in Review–even the Tribune’s Science section got in on the act, proclaiming Zell the planet’s only short-term solution to global warming, and the music section chimed in with a piece about Zell’s old rock band, The Tycoons.

Unfortunately, the video is from after Mr. Zell left the band. (BTW, In the Trib’s defense, Zell’s purchase made the front page of the Times, and probably many other solipsistic media outlets bemoaning their declining shares.)

The other story that’s been occupying Chicago has been the El reconstruction projects. Though the scale is bigger, the catastrophes with our métro aérien are essentially the same thing as the stop-light being out on main street. We’ve even talked about it here. Amazingly, the El runs just as slowly as it did all summer long, and not any slower. The real test is going to come next week though, when schools get off vacation.

Alas, tomorrow my extended vacation ends with a return to Cantab.

4 Responses to “Home”

  1. Isaac Says:

    These guys are incredible rich… in talent and creativity!! WHOA!

    Wasn’t one of those guys in the band featured in some sort of video game a few (read: many) years ago that was actually the greatest game ever made?

  2. dailysalad Says:

    Isaac- I’m not actually sure what game that is, but if it had a soundtrack featuring Chris Ballew, it is verily the best game of all time.

  3. Isaac Says:

    Here’s a hint… they work on Wall Street… and they are rich… and maybe one of them is named “Kid”…

    I believe this photo to be in use under the “fair use” clause of some sort of United States Copyright Law thingamawhatsit.

  4. dailysalad Says:

    Alas, the original Wall Street Kid featured nothing resembling a soundtrack–certainly not one with the rock music. You must be discussing the Sega CD remake, which, I’m afraid, is dead to us all.

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