Earlier this year, we blogged about Sofia, Bulgaria’s attempts to lure riders to their transit system by displaying soft-core pornography in bus terminals. Unfortunately, I haven’t been able to find reliable ridership statistics for the Sofia system, and it is as yet unclear whether ridership has been increased, or whether this was just a shameless government hand-out to the soft-core porn industry. But now another transit agency, in a different clime, has hit upon a ploy to lure transit riders: symphony caliber music. Recently, the L’Enfant Plaza station of the DC Metro was graced with a virtuoso performance by Joshua Bell, a world-renowned violinist and upcoming recipient of the $75,000 Fisher Prize–a significantly better sum than the $32 he earned playing for commuters, though significantly less than the 3.5 million price tag on his Stradivari. Up next for the DC Metro: The Arcade Fire? Why not? They’ve already played outside NYC’s Union Square Subway stop, an impromptu performance that someone recorded with his cell-phone.

And in other transit news, the Little Rock streetcar was recently extended to the Clinton Library. Here’s a great picture of the trolley riding alongside a freight train.

Quick thought, though: why would anyone take the trolley when there’s so little traffic?

Stay tuned for a non-transit themed update.