Another Transit Marketing Ploy

April 10, 2007

Earlier this year, we blogged about Sofia, Bulgaria’s attempts to lure riders to their transit system by displaying soft-core pornography in bus terminals. Unfortunately, I haven’t been able to find reliable ridership statistics for the Sofia system, and it is as yet unclear whether ridership has been increased, or whether this was just a shameless government hand-out to the soft-core porn industry. But now another transit agency, in a different clime, has hit upon a ploy to lure transit riders: symphony caliber music. Recently, the L’Enfant Plaza station of the DC Metro was graced with a virtuoso performance by Joshua Bell, a world-renowned violinist and upcoming recipient of the $75,000 Fisher Prize–a significantly better sum than the $32 he earned playing for commuters, though significantly less than the 3.5 million price tag on his Stradivari. Up next for the DC Metro: The Arcade Fire? Why not? They’ve already played outside NYC’s Union Square Subway stop, an impromptu performance that someone recorded with his cell-phone.

And in other transit news, the Little Rock streetcar was recently extended to the Clinton Library. Here’s a great picture of the trolley riding alongside a freight train.

Quick thought, though: why would anyone take the trolley when there’s so little traffic?

Stay tuned for a non-transit themed update.

15 Responses to “Another Transit Marketing Ploy”

  1. JT Says:

    Can you please provide a detailed history regarding your interest with all things relating to transit? Perhaps a series of posts on the topic is in order?

  2. Stopbitchin Says:

    JT-there are just some things you dont need to know.

  3. Rabbi Dr. Professor Jurgen Haverstam, DHL Says:

    New York’s East Side will finally be receiving a second subway line. The 2nd Avenue Line has been 80 years in the making and it’s been 30 years since the first ground breaking. Sunday’s New York Times Magazine has detailed the shit show chronologically.

    A gut gebentsch yor

  4. dailysalad Says:

    Rabbi Dr. Professor Jurgen Haverstam, DHL- We are surely graced to have a personage of your stature, nay a legend of your stature, read our internet reportage. I thank you for your thoughtful comment.

    JT- It seems the world (or, those devilish Hash Browns …and toast! writers) has come out against my transitography. Perhaps in the summer, when the furor has died down.

    Herman- Stop bitchin.

    Stop Bitchin- Please don’t.

  5. JT Says:

    You’re posting at 6 hrs is a bit disturbing. No sleep or early riser?

  6. JT Says:

    I need to know EVERYTHING then I can compete with or even become the world’s most intimidating pedant. And I can sell semen for money and thus finance a lifestyle that includes a yacht, lemonade, dominoes, and ranging about the Aegean.

  7. JT Says:

    Selling semen is a fun way to make some quick cash. Beats selling plasma twice a week.

  8. Stopsnitchin Says:

    JT- please dont

  9. JT, your comment at 15 hrs is a bit disturbing. dick rider or cock jockey?

  10. Stopsnitchin Says:

    Have you ever thought of selling drugs instead of semen?

  11. They don’t know what drugs are in the Harvard Computer Tech Lounge.

  12. dailysalad Says:

    That’s crazy, Herman. Tech lounges are havens for amphetamines.

  13. JT Says:

    Naperville, assholes.

  14. […] April 14th, 2007 An open letter to the boys from HB…&T!, AT&T (they of the cell-service-chicanery), and anyone harmed in last week’s transit-comment-war: […]

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