Girl one:  …so there!

Girl two:  Oh yeah? Well your mom is a Bene Gesserit witch!

It’s been a slow day for news.

Ibiteyoureyes is on vacation, but this is an important piece of news:


This is a great and delicious taza (ignorant use of an ‘equivalent’ Spanish word by an English speaking person) of wonderful news. This guy is money. Makes big putts.

Ibiteyoureyes will hopefully be posting more (ir)regulary again from upon the ocean. This will include a lengthy, polished, (mashed-potato of a!) post on the upcoming Indiana Jones movie. This post will also be so bold! as to enumberate list a series of steps that, if taken, will help reduce the number of pollutants in the current movie mainstream.

A quick Mad Lib for our readers, as a makeup for a mostly boring post:

1. Al Gore is a _____ (noun).

2. Yesterday, I went to the _____ (noun/adj.) shop, to buy some ______ (adj.) _____ (noun) for _______ (name).

3. Yo mama is a _____ (be nice). You know why? Cuz __________ (sentence fragment).