April 16, 2007

So… for the moment I’ve stopped playing games.

I know, your reaction is one of the following:

a) Impossible! Mon Dieu!

b) Yeah, the chances of that happening are about as good as your going to ENS to become a literary theorist.

c) Seriously. Stop writing about games. People who play games are simply man-boys who refuse to grow up. I came to this site for the word of the day, or to relish in post-Sausserian notions of alterity, and secretly giggle about obscure references to mainstream popular culture. Fuck you, notwithabang…

To the lot of you, I say, “Nuts!”

Instead, I offer to you a hint at something big. Behold, the first screen from a SaladSoft(tm) computer entertainment!


2 Responses to “So…”

  1. Isaac Says:

    That… looks… eerily… familiar…

  2. dailysalad Says:

    While I’m pretty sure this game will be incredible, I worry that it may be a bit too insidery, that the common man will not appreciate it. I only hope it is mac compatible.

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