“I ran so far away?” Take the Maglav!

April 20, 2007

Iran, long a monorail enthusiast’s dream, has now taken another major step toward transit dominance: a 900km Maglev train between Tehran and Mashad. The now 14 hour train ride will only take 2-3 hours when the Maglev is completed. Currently the only in service Maglev train is the Shanghai Maglev which typically operates at 350 km/h but can go in the mid 400s. The Iranian maglev will be built by the same company that built the Shanghai train, so expect similar run times. The Japanese are currently working on technology that runs closer to 600 km/h, as fast as an airplane. Here’s an introductory video to the project.

I should note that while maglev has the most potential, the current speed record is held by the TGV.

Considering how little work French people seem to do, I’m shocked that they have the record.

Meanwhile, the American Maglev project languishes, with our best hope Vegas businessman. It truly is the City of the Century.

One Response to ““I ran so far away?” Take the Maglav!”

  1. Rabbi Dr. Professor Jurgen Haverstam, DHL Says:

    Awesome! Maybe that puppy’s nuclear – how else could does one power trains?

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