Word of the Morning

April 20, 2007

With Dash trapped in lectures all day Yesterday, and progress on Mr. Notwithabang…’s video game being quite slow (and apparently violent; amk_park.pngI was hoping the game would be a bit more like Adventures in the Magic Kingdom, one of the hardest video games I’ve ever played), Yesterday’s Yesterday’s Salad was not exactly the most stimulating website on the internet (a two way tie between epicurious and the Brill publishing website). So, to correct that injustice, and to get today going right, a word vapor to occupy your morning:

Ixnay, adj.

That’s right, as of 2007 “ixnay” is now an official word in the English language, and no longer merely Pig Latin’s crowning achievement. There are two different definitions: 1) No; not possibly, not at all; 2) Of little worth; of no use; out of the question. There’s also a verb form:   trans. To reject, decline, dismiss, or cancel, as attested by this quote from one of our favorite baseball books: B. MALAMUD Natural (2003) 108 Roy Hobbs, El Swatto, has been ixnayed on a pay raise. I always knew Malamud was fluent in English and Yiddish–but who knew about his abilities in Pig Latin and Spanish? The man’s abilities knew no bounds.

My only problem with including ixnay in the OED is that people believe they’re speaking another language when they use the word. It’s not simple a loan word, but an intentional slip into a foreign tongue for the purposes of hidden communication, or nonsensical speech, or a delightful evocation of childhood and childishness. Too bad the OED stole its whimsy.

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