In the Year 2000…

April 22, 2007

Here is a must-read list of predictions for the year 2000 written by Ladies Home Journal in 1900. I have nothing else to say.


April 22, 2007

From time to time, DH likes to dabble in the black arts of the regression analysis. I don’t mean to brag, nor do I mean to boast, but I rule regressions like Ned Yost. Regression analysis is also a fun thing to say. It sounds so formal and official, unlike, for example when I say I’m “undertaking a Bakhtinian decoding of the layers of heteroglossia” which really just sounds like I’m making up words.  In fact, there’s no argument that can’t be won by a good regression analysis. Just the other day a group of hellions and vagabonds tried to pick a fight with our fellow traveller Rabbi Dr. Professor Jurgen Haverstam, DHL. But after he expounded on the results of his recent regression analysis on the outcome of just such a fight (“Your only chance of victory, and then the chances are no more than 3 percent, well within the margin of error, is pistols at dawn, sometime before I’ve reconstituted the state of my Folger’s crystals, and said the morning prayers.”), his foes were forced to give up, and flee for cover.

Over the weekend, a number of good regression analyses his the Saladsphere. Here’s an interesting study on male attractiveness that suggests that women are most attracted to attractive men and men of high social status, but that men of medium social status and high levels of attractiveness perform better than those of high social status and high levels of attractiveness. This is truly earth-shattering research. Indeed, there are rumours that Saladeer, man about town, and person of high-level attractiveness, L.P. Mandrake may be abandoning his life as a big game hunter in favour of life as a sommelier so as to maximize his value to the opposite sex. Perhaps the same will also hold true for the damn attractive Notwithabang…. and his medical career (Yesterday’s Salad: now with 60% more homoeroticism).

Lastly, here is a New York Times article about professor Mankiw‘s recent study of indexing taxation to height. As someone of average height who paid way too much in taxes last year, I’m decidedly in favour of this proposal. Mankiw’s blog is also well worth a gander.

Please send in your own favourite regressions in the comments.