Five Paragraphs to Freedom

April 27, 2007

Writing is hard. This statement might bring to mind horrible memories of toys that none-too-subtly reinforce gender roles, but it holds universal appeal; writing well is a difficult process for inexperienced writers, who lack confidence in their prose, as well as for veteran wordsmiths, who know the limits of their prose all too well.  Yet, the problems of writer’s block and graceless prose are not merely abstract problems affecting those with imminent term papers. Yesterday’s Salad loses up to five postings a day due to writer’s block alone, not to mention the many postings that are deleted or left as half-baked drafts because we can’t think of a clever way to finish them.  This grim tide of missing posts must be turned!  Thus, I propose that we institute another regular feature, a battle-royale wherein YS contributors and snappy bloggers considerate enough to comment debate the issues of the day… in five-paragraph essay format!

Discuss amongst yourselves!

5 Responses to “Five Paragraphs to Freedom”

  1. dailysalad Says:

    Shouldn’t this post have been in five point format?

  2. stopsnitchin Says:

    I think this post ended a bit prematurely

  3. Isaac Says:

    I, for one, would comment in a 5-sentence format if I knew how to write properly. 5-paragraph may be pushing it a bit…

  4. Annie Says:

    5 paragraphs is longer than I think that I could focus on any single topic.

  5. dailysalad Says:

    After careful consideration, I am only in support of this proposal if people are required to use the patented Gardner format of underlining the thesis and topic sentences. That way, we can rest assured that originality will not go unpunished.

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