Dash’s Next Gig

May 1, 2007

I saw this article in today’s New York Daily 26113265_4a894df619.jpgNews that seemed like a fitting follow-up to our previous post about Toronto street-food. It was a rare DN reading for Dash; usually I only devour the Times, the Post, The Wall Street Journal, Chicago Tribune, New York Observer, International Herald-Tribune, Philadelphia Inquirer, Haaretz, Der Yid, Die Frankfurter Allgemeie Zeitung, and Time for KIDS! The article profiles the life of a New York streetcar vendor with a heavy focus on the pitfalls of life in our time. Among the highlights: there’s a 3000 vendor cap on New York street vendors, leading to a huge permit black market; vendors make around $120 a day (way more than your lowly grad student scribe); and good carts run about $16000.

There are, of course, other benefits to owning a push cart: 1) Lifetime membership in The Hotdog Club 2) The really cool ability to cook a full meal while standing on the street 3) You get to be nominated for the Vendy awards. That’s right, New York has it’s own award for the best street vendor (sadly, the event is not televised, but there is lots of great footage here). Perhaps in a perfect world where everyone was equal there would be awards for graduate students, but until then…off to the carts!

One Response to “Dash’s Next Gig”

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