Letter to the editor

May 7, 2007

May 5th, 2007.


I would like to know what kind of a goddamn web-log this is that manages to use unutterable words as common references to ladies’ pudenda and doesn’t even have the goddamn decency to hide the fact that it’s straight from the foul-mouthed wiki-pedia instead of a goddamned posting about the death of authorship or some such topic in literary theory.  Do we really need to wake to our goddamn morning coffee only to be assailed by some twat-related twaddle masquerading as highfalutin verbiage? 

L P Mandrake

Mandrake it is an outrage the way the editors are acting so I sent this complaint to Yesterday’s Salad with your name signed because it would have more weight.


4 Responses to “Letter to the editor”

  1. dailysalad Says:

    I will once again say I’m sorry for the vulgarity—however if potty-mouthery continues to lead to brilliant posts like this one I may have to continue to furnish our dear readers with smut.

  2. dailysalad Says:

    Also, I just noticed that the date of your letter is prior to the event in question. Where did you aquire such powers of divination?

  3. notwithabangbutawhimper Says:

    Clearly, this letter was written in response to this supposed “word of the day” posting (https://yesterdayssalad.wordpress.com/2007/03/24/wotd-a-quaint-bit-of-country-matters/).

    The gaping chasm between when a letter is written and when the goddamn post sees fit to deliver is no doubt responsible for the delay.

  4. Isaac Says:

    Hey WhimperShizzle –

    You’ll thank me, I promise.

    (It’s a trojan)

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