Found Art

May 14, 2007

While there isn’t much of consequence on YouTube, every so often, you find a treasure that has been snatched away from the jaws of time.

(for reference)

For what it’s worth, I think that Welles actually came off far classier than Billy Dee did in his Colt 45 spots.

Perhaps what’s most amazing about all of this is that the Pinky and the Brain clip repeats the original outtake almost verbatim (which made it easy for an ingenious YouTube denizen to paste them together). Given that the Animaniacs were a product of the nineties, I’m amazed that the show managed to cull such an esoteric premise for a short (although, given that the show managed to structure an entire episode around Apocalypse Now, one can be sure that the show had far more to offer to cynical, media-savvy adults than it did to children)…

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