1. I don’t want it to fall off.

2. I was playing Wii. And then it fell off.

3. Cy Young candidate Josh Beckett

4. Nine to five (work)

5. Five to eleven (find a new apartment with girlfriend)

6. Eleven to twelve (play…checkers…with girfriend. two or three times)

7. Lose weight. Find it again.

8. Screenings of first film in home town.

9. dailysalad, dash hammer-scold (smells like radacchio)

10. Fight (savagely!) with girlfriend (obligatory move-in freakouts)

11. Allergies 😦

12. Trying to pitch new reality show “Paris Prison Break”

13. Don’t read this one. Bad luck.

14. Bite me.

15. Ibiteyoureyes