Look Out Illinois, Baby Bubba is Coming to Git Ya

May 16, 2007

The elevators at the workplace of ibiteyoureyes have TVs. They are like gas stations.

Today, the news tickler (cootchie-coo!) on the elevator TV relayed the following headline story, coming out of Illinois:

 Illinois 10-Month-Old Issued Firearm Owner’s Identification Card

That’s god damn funny! (Maybe.)

Apparently, there’s no age restriction in Illinois in terms of owning a gun. Can’t buy one until you are eighteen, but owning one is all right. In this particular case, Baby Bubba received his gun from his grandfather. Baby Bubba’s Dad just wanted everything to be “nice and legal like,” so he helped his ten month old to sign the forms, after filling them out for the little tyke.

I am tempted to fly to Illinois and rob the cradle of Baby Bubba. Because I can think of some world-betterin’ that might be done with that there firearm.

I don’t know why I slipped into a Southern Hick vernacular. Are there hicks in Illy Illy? I don’t know. I don’t care.

Baby Bubba?

I do not bite your eyes. It’s not your fault that you’re f*cked in life.

Now just please put down the gun, son!

(Start shrimpin.)

One Response to “Look Out Illinois, Baby Bubba is Coming to Git Ya”

  1. Annie Says:

    Almost as good as when a small Idaho town tried to pass legislation that would require all adults to carry guns. Why, you might ask? To protect them from Katrina refugees.

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