More Food Holiday Madness

June 5, 2007


That’s right, today is National Gingerbread Day! Every June 5th, Gingerbread fanatics revel in their love of anthropomorphic treats, and tasty houses. According to legend, Queen Elizabeth I is responsible for the invention of the Gingerbread Man (what a shame that Shekhar Kapur wasn’t able to include anything about this in the otherwise excellent Elizabeth). I’m just glad that the virgin Queen was able to find one true male love.

According to this fun website, “ginger” comes to us from the sanskrit, “srngaveram” which means “horn root.” Ginger also has some great slang meanings, such as N-3b: “A showy, fast horse.” There also used to be a mild US expletive ‘by Ginger!” Gingerbread has its own entry in the OED, with the great slang meaning of money.

Sadly there aren’t as many Gingerbread shoppes as Doughnut shops, but those of you in finer cities (e.g. not Boston) should be able to fulfill your duty and use your gingerbread on gingerbread or a ginger.

One Response to “More Food Holiday Madness”

  1. Annie Says:

    I thought that you might want to see this.

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