Over Easy

June 15, 2007


No, it’s not national breakfast day (it is, however, Celebrate the Power of a Smile Day). Though I’m toying with producing a musical, the closest thing to an official movie that Dash has been involved with is “Over Easy,” a movie produced, written, and directed by my former roommate (with apologies to jewbiquitous). Actually many of the creators of the film are contributors to Yesterday’s Salad or inferior knock-off blogs with bizarre publication schedules, but to protect the internet innocent, I’ve decided to leave their identities hidden, up to the astute reader to discern.

Here’s the movie’s description (redacted):

So begins the story of Rock, an old school thug working to make up for some mistakes he made while working for a man named Johnny Paz. Over Easy joins Rock after he has gone to the diner for the first time, where, in place of his assignment, he instead finds a note to wait around some more.

Written and directed by Michael DiBiasio and starring Providence actor Bobby LaMoia in the lead role, Over Easy seeks to reiterate one of film noir?s classic questions:

Among all of those seeking a second chance, who in the end is redeemed: the man who saves his life, or the man who saves his soul?

What are the critics saying? Here’s one reviewer:

“There’s nothing like topless bimbos being hosed down on a parking lot…Thirty-four breasts. Multiple aardvarking. Gratuitous hot-tubbing. Man in a cheesy lizard suit. Sorority hose-down. Gratuitous topless dancing at a radio station. Slapstick Fu. With Sarah Bellomo as the big-breasted best friend (“How can you do this to me? I gave you the best three months of my life!”), Steve Barkett as the sheriff (“Hell has come to Copperfield County!”)”

Oh wait, that’s one of the reviews for  “Bikini Drive-In.” All jokes (and favoritism) aside, “Over Easy” is a well-done short, with a strong lead performance by Bobby LaMoia and expert editing. The writer-director’s knowledge and love of the genre is quite evident; very impressive for a first film.

Go here to watch this brilliant noir.

3 Responses to “Over Easy”

  1. elcidcampeador Says:

    inferior? Never! Merely understaffed. But fear not, a new blog contributor, by an amateur poet named Maro, will be gracing us with the rejected lyrical masterpiece, Bikini Drive In 2: Escape from the Danaans.

  2. Annie Says:

    We’re not offended. Also, “the roommate” is more into fine arts than movies. I look forward to seeing it when I’m not at work.

  3. stopsnitchin Says:

    inferior knock-off blogs with bizarre publication schedules,

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