Salad in the Levant

July 2, 2007


Not unexpectedly, the Levant is shaping up as one of the finer Salad destinations in the world, with deliciously fresh produce high in worker exploitation but low in chemicals (really, in rich countries, agribuisiness is just outsourcing much of the exploitation to you, just like airline check-in machines outsource, well, airline check-ins to you). Quite unexpectedly, despite the fact that high-tech is one of the pillars of this country’s economy, my living accommodations have sketchy internet access at best, and I’ve been estranged from the world wide telegraph services. Still, a few pieces of information manage to pierce this veil of nineteenth-century-ness, ones that I feel the need to share with you, or a high-priced preacher.

First, in what would have been the music news of the summer (if it weren’t for the Believer’s music issue and their nefariously good article about Bill Fox): the Spice Girls are reuniting!!! Honestly, how did this take this long? Have any of them managed to do anything on their own?  With the exception of ginger spice, which continues to be used in dining establishments everywhere, have our heroines been heard from on their own? We never even hear of them getting arrested! Though Posh is certainly heard from, it’s not exactly on her own as she’s riding the coattails of her more famous husband, the noted soccer player Keira Knightly. After all, the people united will never be defeated, but the Spice Girls divided are probably just conceited. I’m really quite happy that they’re making a comeback, and trust that this will lead to many other amazing bands returning, like Soul 2 Soul, All Souls, Soul Asylum, and Led Zepplin. Top notch.

But the most interesting bulletin to reach my desk (top) was this little piece about Al Gore obtaining a dvd of the Sopranos finale in advance. I’m not quite sure what this article was doing. Was it meant to be a smear campaign, pointing out that Gore is so much of an elitist that he demands dvds of the Sopranos in advance, that he has no respect for the concepts of time and space? Or is it meant to paint him as someone in touch with the working man and American society, someone who kicks back with a cold one and yells at the TV when Journey sings “Don’t stop-” and that’s it? No matter what, it shows that the media is treating him as a candidate. Why else would they bust out this type of coverage?

From the Orient.