Blackwell Unbound Review Follow-Up

September 6, 2007

Thanks for the positive feedback about the review. I’ll be posting more AGS reviews soon (Ben Jordan: Paranormal Investigator has come out with a strong new episode as well), and I think this is a little closer to the New Yorker-esque format that future reviews will use. Furthermore, I will make sure to properly use quotes in place of italics, as well as diaeresis where appropriate (e.g. coöperate).

This image may contain minor spoilers.

However, to avoid following slavishly the mold set by Eustace Tilly, “recommended” and “highly recommended” may be replaced with more creative admonitions in future articles. I read a posting elsewhere on the internet that referred to Dave Gilbert as a “fucking genius,” and while I can’t vouch for the necessity of the obscenity, I acknowledge that it has an immediacy that my somewhat florid review lacks. So imagine that rather than saying that Dave Gilbert is a great game designer, and Erin Robinson‘s animations are great, my review stated:

“Dave Gilbert is a grizzled gaming genius, rising out of Starbucks’ like a modern-day Paul Bunyan, and challenging the soulless mechanicals of the gaming industry with naught but gumption and his home-brewed gaming creations. As for Erin Robinson’s animations, they are simply the greatest thing since toaster pastries. Buy Blackwell Unbound today; it is a far, far better thing we do by supporting an independent game developer, rather than forking over our money to a French sewage conglomerate.”

That would’ve been a fucking brilliant review. •

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