Good luck, Isaac!

September 7, 2007

A personal (and unpretentious) note to long-time buddy (and loyal, loyal reader) Isaac:

Good luck on the MCAT. You’ll do fine.

And in your honor, here is a video of fellow Vancouverite David Suzuki singing about global warming with Raffi (of “Banana Phone” fame):

It was either that, or a video of me singing “Canadian Man” by Paul Brandt.  I think you’ll agree that this was the better choice.

A few years back, those of us who were lucky enough to stumble upon the adventure gaming studio (AGS) scene were first introduced to Ben Jordan, and things have never really been the same since. Though there are a number of strong series of games that have been made in AGS, such as Yahtzee’s Trilby games and the Apprentice series, as well as some multi-game collaborative efforts, many AGS games are the efforts of neophyte designers, and are never completed, much less developed further. Thus, the fact that the Ben Jordan’s creator, Grundislav, has continued to create new adventures is both a feat of considerable endurance and a remarkable treat for anyone who likes games.

To commemorate this achievement, and the release of the latest chapter in the series, “Scourge of the of the Sea People,” herein is a brief review and retrospective of the “Ben Jordan: Paranormal Investigator” series.

Case 1: In Search of the Skunk-Ape” introduces us to Ben Jordan, a plucky young international-relations major who has decided to follow his dream of becoming a paranormal investigator. Against all odds, and without the aid of a web-marketing campaign, Ben manages quickly to land his first case. Tasked with solving a series of brutal murders in the Florida Everglades, Ben is soon in pursuit of the killer, and/or the mysterious skunk-ape.

The game is pretty fun and easy to play from the beginning. When Ben arrives on the scene, his progress is stymied less by a lack of evidence than by the fact that most of the park rangers and visitors around him are either actively disdainful of his work, or simply too scared by rumors of the skunk-ape to do anything.

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