September 11, 2007

A repurposed screenshot from “The Shivah”Notwithabang… is on hiatus from reviewing until Monday. This should come as a respite for readers of Yesterday’s Salad who are wondering what happened to the infrequent postings and literary criticism. While there are many reviews to come in the very near future (an incomplete list: Mind’s Eye, La Croix Pan, META, What Linus Bruckman Sees When His Eyes Are Closed, Reactor 09, Nelly Cootaloot, Happy Ducky Adventure, Cirque De Zale, Spooks…), Rosh Hashanah and not failing out of medical school must needs take precedence for a few days.

Historically, we have generally restricted the Yiddishkeit in Yesterday’s Salad to venerating David G. Roskies. This is because a) not everyone who writes for Yesterday’s Salad is Jewish, but everyone who writes for Yesterday’s Salad agrees that “A Bridge of Longing” is one of the seminal discussions of storytelling of our times, and b) in the fine tradition of Benjamin Disraeli, those of us who *are* Jewish simply hope that someone along the line will mistake us for members of the British upper class if we do keep our voices down.

So, to all our readers, new and old,

Shanah Tovah.

And failing that,

Happy week! Go play some games! ◊

screenshot repurposed from The Shivah