pancakes! corn and cake (Or: Reusing Post Titles is the 13th Sign You Need to Find More Writers for Your Blog)

September 28, 2007

While I’m a little disappointed that neither JT nor Herman Furry Paws, nor “Isaac” wrote in with their column suggestions, I will 25foodgraphic900827.jpgassume that the silent majority of Salad readers (e.g. the silent majority of Americans) wish me to continue focusing my gesamlte shriften on words. But who am I to let my readers’ pleas fall on deaf ears? Is it not I Dash Hammerskjold who lifts this mouse (that is to say, dictates to a beskirted minion in our fashionable Park Avenue offices), or someone else making a poorly thought out allusion to Moby Dick? Was not Yesterday’s Salad founded for the masses, founded as the place where the means of production are uncovered, where every team has a shot at the wild card, DEVO will always be popular, and even the subaltern get their day in court?

With that in mind: the ever awesome Viceroy of Videogames Notwithabangbutawhimper requested turning this into a column about Dutch Pancakes. As I posses neither breadth nor depth with delicate dishes, the long term prospects of such a blog are about as promising as Joe Biden’s chances of being declared Monarch. But, I can point him to the classic Dutch Pancake recipe, as reprinted in the New York Times. Also, as he is still residing in the city of broad shoulders, that somber city, the Paris of the Prairies, the Dubai of the Disillusioned, Chicago, Lord Butawhimper should consider going to the Pannenkoeken Cafe the new new thing in Dutch eating (but, bring something to read).

I am absolutely happiest to report that I have some news for Annie, the fair (in probably every adjectival sense of the word pertinent to people–although I cannot speak for “Of sounds, odours, etc.: Agreeable, delightful. Obs.” as our relationship has not ventured into real space) former mistress of the still delightful Jewbiquitous, who desired some news about water based transport. Hawaii, always at the forefront of technology (?) is now experimenting with wi-fi on their commuter ferries. It is now no longer necessary to postpone visits to Hawaii. Although, it should be noted, the Superferry is still somewhat controversial.

Lastly, someone asking the internet if “Yesterday can be used as an adverb” was directed here. Yes. Very frequently. Also, there appears to have at one point been a debate over whether to call last night “yesterneve,” “yesterev’en,” “yesternight,” or “yester-evening.” I think we all know who won.

6 Responses to “pancakes! corn and cake (Or: Reusing Post Titles is the 13th Sign You Need to Find More Writers for Your Blog)”

  1. Annie Says:

    I’m pretty sure that I smell ok.

  2. Isaac Says:

    I still kinda like the word-blogging.

    My brother decided, yesterday in fact, that he wants to go to U Hawaii for law school. Apparently it’s the “Yale of the mid-pacific”. For reasons that are clear to him and will always be murky in my lesser mind, this makes him win.

    You think the superferry was controversial? Were you transit-oriented when BC came out with the Fast Ferries? Those things crashed a government and destroyed a political party! BC moved 8 steps to the right overnight because of the fiasco.

    Lastly, that pancake looks delicious!

  3. dailysalad Says:

    Annie: you’re probably right. Still, it would be good if we could have confirmation from CJ or Harley.

    Isaac: Perhaps a vintage ferry controversy watch is in order. I’ll see what I can find on Lexis Nexis. Also, what is your brother doing getting an American law degree?

    I concur about the pancake.

  4. Annie Says:

    Sadly, CJ is on his way to Israel and Harley and I no longer share an office. I could direct you to my new (Russian) co-workers, but we aren’t really that close yet.

    Speaking of ferries, can we talk about the soon-to-be-defunct Star Ferry? $1.30 HKD to cross the harbor. That is a deal that can’t be beat, and it only took 10 minutes.

  5. Isaac Says:

    Wow Dash, looks like you have your hands full – at least 3 ferry controversies, and that’s just from the comments!
    I told you – it makes him win.
    Or, in his words:
    “Ben” 1
    “Isaac” 0

    (names changed to protect the innocent)

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