Yesterday’s Salad: At the cutting edge of third-grade humor

October 3, 2007

Given the frequency with which we at Yesterday’s Salad fawn over our spiritual predecessor, the New Yorker, it is with both surprise and tremendous pride that we can finally say that the relationship has been formally recognized by our more accomplished forebear. Surely, the most recent cover of the magazine is a bemused response to this posting. On a separate note, there is absolutely no evidence to substantiate the rumor that Tina Brown has been recruited to revitalize Yesterday’s Salad. None at all. •

3 Responses to “Yesterday’s Salad: At the cutting edge of third-grade humor”

  1. bbcoen Says:

    I’m a Korean. I came here through google to find a Ahmadinejad’s Columbia univ. addressing images two days ago. I can’t use English well, so i don’t understand your posting and humor totally. But i became to like this blog and i added rss.

    I wanted to post with tltle ‘Ahmadinejad and Bush, who is Evil?’ with a Ahmadinejad’s image, but its last title became ‘Is USA qualified for forbidding spread of nuclear arms?’. To see that, please visit here.

  2. dailysalad Says:

    glad to have you as a reader.

  3. JT Says:

    I wish DS would say, “JT, glad to have you as a reader.” But that’s probably not going to happen. Batman would never bone down with Wonder Woman. I found the New Yorker cover hilarious.

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