Preludes or One-offs

October 8, 2007

Over the last few days, Dash has been the recipient of more than a few letters of inquiry regarding the raison d’etre of Yesterday’s Salad. Partly this was engendered by the sudden appearance of a new saladeer, one bizarrely writing about traveling and not the modes of transportation, all the while portraying feminine traits (in contrast to Yesterday’s Salad’s known misogyny); partly this was caused by Dash’s desire to break free of the construct known as time (particularly problematic given his nom de blogeur, dailysalad [emphasis added]); partly there was a sudden Hemingway idee fixe replacing an obsession with le royaume des gros seins Brandy Taylor; partly the enlargissed (obs. To bestow bountifully) video game review section is “to blame”; partly this is because of the absence of (once and future) collaborators L.P. Mandrake, Cody Hess, and ibiteyoureyes; and partly this reflects the masses’ belief that Yesterday’s Salad should be the 8th best Anne Hathaway blog in the tri-state area. But as Yesterday’s Salad changes, as it transforms into a new space where JT is upheld and celebrated as reader without need for aufhebung, it would perhaps be best to read YS contrapuntally, to be aware of the simultaneous dimensions of past and present. In other words, YS will still misuse critical theory, and (like Aphra Behn) we’ll still value verisimilitude and “outward pretension” above all else.

But it is true that things are changing. The polyphony of writers has devolved into a hocket (let it be said that Columbia does wonders for your repartee) over the last few months, but lately the trend has reversed and the number of voices are increasing. Among many desiderata, however, is a fashion columnist (applications should be sent) so that we may better serve and reflect society writ large, so that we may better function as both mirror and lamp. The truth is, no matter how much I may want to write “Of the History of the Ascot in Modern Times, and the Reflections thereof in the Literature” I am surely incapable of doing anything more than pointing the reader to Fred Jones from “Scooby-Doo”


and Peter Bogdanovich.


I can begin the deconstruction with the etymology. The word ascot, as it were, is derived from a proper noun, a village named Windsor, and the fashionable race held there. The word then attrib. comes to be used for clothing designed to be worn at such an event or worthy of being worn , in particular the ascot tie, known in the U.S. as an “ascot.” Also, those wishing to practice their Polish (i.e. all lovers of gros seins) should visit this website for ascot tying instructions. But I cannot move beyond the beginning.

I write now in the hope that this will not be a one-off (really a half-off), but a prelude, a hope that we will soon be graced by legitimate fashion criticism at the Salad. Or, barring that, illegitimate fashion criticism of clothing worn in AGS games and/or world of warcarft.

3 Responses to “Preludes or One-offs”

  1. notwithabangbutawhimper Says:

    I think that “algumacosia” should be given a description in the “about the saladeers” page as soon as she writes a second post. I also think that “Isaac” owes us a post… or just ought to join the editorial staff. We could use a column about Kovalchuk…

  2. JT Says:

    I always appreciate being mentioned in a thread. I also like being mentioned alongside a Hegelian term. xo. JT

  3. dailysalad Says:

    NW…: No worries; “algumacosia” will get her description, as will other new writers. As for “Isaac” I’m still awaiting his book report from Intro to Scholarly Editing.

    JT: Glad to help in either sublation or sublimation.

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