Whence Yesterday

October 10, 2007

With all the recent talk regarding the essence of Yesterday’s Salad (a topic especially interesting to new authors, cf. Haverstam’s epistle and the debut of the notorious eyebiter. This is contra Lord Notwithabang… who simply introduced himself here, and waited until his 6th post to begin his meta-analysis of the minor internet phenomenon that is Yesterday’s Salad; and contra the now shipwrecked L.P. Mandrake who merely dashed my hopes and dreams with his ur post), two developments have gone sorely underreported around these parts. And since YS can be taken as a synecdoche for the internet as a whole, it’s safe to say that the entire global media has been negligent in their duties of providing investigative reportage. But never fear, “blog/New Yorker-wannabe” YS is here to provide something resembling salvation. (And, for what it’s worth, it should be noted that some YS’ writers prefer to emulate The Atlantic Monthly, Southern Living and/or the now defunct Yiddish cultural journal Vokhnshrift far literature, kunst, un kultur.)

The first piece of news is the imprisonment of Super Agent Jack Bauer. While most commentators maintain that his jail term is a result of a DUI, outright speculation (cf. Derrida The Post Card) holds that something else is at cause. This is partly because commentators are being negligent in their duties, first and foremost, as writers “of historical ‘commentaries’, a chronicler; obs. rare” Today’s commentators comment without providing historical scrutiny. There must be a reason for the violation of the social contract, after all, a reason for Mr. Sutherland to enjoy the drink beyond the mere delicacies of Port. Again, one can speculate that Mr. Sutherland was driven to drink by the misfortunes that befell Happy Duck in the Happy Duck Adventure, but there is hardly even a trace of this possibility. More likely Mr. Sutherland’s arrest has to do with the imprisonment of his brother and his need to break him out of jail before they execute him. We await more information.

The second, much more important bit of news is the opening of the Beijing Subway system‘s Line 5. Treehugger has a terrific feature about the new subway, which they call the world’s newest and cheapest. The moniker is a little misleading as it is only cheapest with regards to ticket fare (a scant 27 cents), and not with regards to construction cost. Here is one of the many beautiful pictures of the new system:


The line is part of Beijing’s plan to field the world’s largest Metro system in the world by the middle of this century (something tells me that Cincinnati will not be much of a threat to the Chinese). Hopefully the US government will decide the need to keep the world’s largest subway system in the states and will enter into some kind of transit space race. Also of interest to Salad readers is the fact that subway can be used as a verb, meaning “to travel by subway or underground railway.” The mysteries of language.

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