Is Your Child Bored With Breakfast?

October 22, 2007

Let’s face it, eating and drinking just to stay alive is boring. I will come with you on that. I enjoy a nice dinner, or a nice breakfast, more than anyone – enjoying food is part of enjoying life, and part of everyone’s culture (even the Klingons!), and I honestly don’t mind novelty creeping in on cuisine…if it works.

But, alas and as always, someone has taken something…too far.

Introducing…Kellog’s Cereal Straws, which have, thankfully, finally, arrived from the abstraction that is our big, bright future…to help us learn “how to make milk more fun.”

IMPORTANT NOTE: Not even Ibiteyoureyes is strong enough to combat the catchy Cereal Straw tune that you will be blessed to hear if you follow the above link (altogether now…dip, sip, munch!). And the song plays out of a boom box made of cereal. Holy cow! <–makes holy milk for…drinking with your cereal.

There’s no telling what sort of cultural upheaval this invention is going to cause. Probably, we’re facing the very real possibility of Total Breakfast Insideoutedness.

Next up after drinking your milk with your cereal: drinking syrup out of rolled up pancakes, snorting powdered sugar (or cocaine) through a rolled up waffle, munching on egg shells after you’ve thrown out the yoke and whites.

Kellog’s? I bite your “milk-sippin fun.”

…dip, sip, munch.

One Response to “Is Your Child Bored With Breakfast?”

  1. […] still reeling from the discovery that Kellog’s now has a line of products that can make milk more fun. “Chocolate syrup be damned,” they said. “The […]

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