Last week, I ordered Chinese food. The place I order from delivers their food (for free with orders $8 and up!) in a car. They are very specific about this delivery method on their menu: “We Deliver By Car.”

So the deliver guy calls me from the road. I agree to meet him outside for the switch.

I leave the house, he leaves his car. I notice that he’s eating something. Because I’m feeling like a silly little ibiteyoureyes on this night (drunk), I joke with my Chinese food delivery guy, as he nears me on the sidewalk.

“Hey! Are you eating my food!”


“Are you eating my food!”


“Ah, I was just kidding.”

Then we got down to business. Chinese food for me, money and tip for my man. I thought that was it. Just a silly little joke between me and the Deliverer By Car. But after we had made our transaction, and maybe because I tipped him that “little extra,” my delivery guy stopped with his body halfway in the car, and called out to me as I was returning to the house.


I turned.

“I’m eating the next guy’s food! It’s great! You want some? Hahahahahahahha.”

And then, still cackling, he got back into his car, and peeled out down the road. I never saw him again.

Administrative Updates

October 23, 2007

The “About the Saladeers” page has once again been updated, this time to include “theciceronian,” although it does not as of yet include “coffee/paws” as the mystery of its being has yet to be resolved. I’ve also updated the “Drink Index” to reflect changes.

I do not promise to update the “Word” index, although I really would like to.