One Funny Chinese Food Delivery Guy

October 23, 2007

Last week, I ordered Chinese food. The place I order from delivers their food (for free with orders $8 and up!) in a car. They are very specific about this delivery method on their menu: “We Deliver By Car.”

So the deliver guy calls me from the road. I agree to meet him outside for the switch.

I leave the house, he leaves his car. I notice that he’s eating something. Because I’m feeling like a silly little ibiteyoureyes on this night (drunk), I joke with my Chinese food delivery guy, as he nears me on the sidewalk.

“Hey! Are you eating my food!”


“Are you eating my food!”


“Ah, I was just kidding.”

Then we got down to business. Chinese food for me, money and tip for my man. I thought that was it. Just a silly little joke between me and the Deliverer By Car. But after we had made our transaction, and maybe because I tipped him that “little extra,” my delivery guy stopped with his body halfway in the car, and called out to me as I was returning to the house.


I turned.

“I’m eating the next guy’s food! It’s great! You want some? Hahahahahahahha.”

And then, still cackling, he got back into his car, and peeled out down the road. I never saw him again.

One Response to “One Funny Chinese Food Delivery Guy”

  1. dailysalad Says:

    perhaps he was eating mr. cody hess’ fashion column.

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