screenshawt.pngAkatosh has recently released a tremendous little game, “Washed Ashore,” which you should go play.  The game follows the (mis)adventures of legendary zeppelin commander Wilhelm von Hadenberg, as he seeks to salvage the remains of his command and save his first mate and top engineer, Hindenberg.

Admittedly, Herr Not with a bang. comes to this game with more than a little bit of positive prejudice. Although a native of Chicago and frequent resident of New York City, NWB comes to be such by way of the quaint little town of KelkheimFishbach, und diese Plätze sind mir gleich.  While other members of the Salad gang may be the legitimate heirs to titles of German royalty (no, seriously), NWB maintains his street cred by remaining a staunch Hessian.

While revealing more of the plot of “Washed Ashore” would spoil the creatively anarchic premise of the game, suffice it to say that the plot and its manifold cuteness remains surprising throughout.  The game suffers from a few technical glitches (most acutely from a lack of ‘filler’ dialogue when making less-than-useful moves), but the remarkably cute graphics more than make up for any such shortcomings, including the necessary addition of many of those darling pointed hats.  Go.  Play.  Jetzt.