Look here kids goddamnit. Put your collars down.

October 30, 2007

WRITE AN ARTICLE EVERY WEEK, DSalad says to me. I WANT YOU TO he says to me.

FASHION I say to him. FASHION. This is the only world in which I may, I MAY have more knowledge than the geniuses who are my fellow Saladeers. So I say to DailyS TUESDAY YOU WILL HAVE IT. EVERY TUESDAY. COUNT ON ME.

It wasn’t a lie when I was saying it. Maybe I didn’t say which Tuesday. I do not recall.

You know what I do recall? I recall a time when an upturned collar, a starched preppy “popped” look, was a douchebag flag. Yesterday of last week, the day before this article would’ve been on time getOffMyAssEditorOkay?, I saw an upturned collar and my only thought was, “Oh my but this poor gentleman is sadly out of fashion.”

And I set down to write this blog and I realized, MY MEDIUM IS NOT EXPLANATION, IT IS CONVICTION.

So stop judging and pity. They do not know better.

I’ll see you next week. You won’t see me because I’m a fucking ninja.

One Response to “Look here kids goddamnit. Put your collars down.”

  1. Not with a bang Says:

    I once saw a stand-up routine with a bit about popped collars. The comic just popped his collar and said, “kick my ass.”

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