Today, ibiteyoureyes subscribed to a cable television service for the first time in five years. After about three commercial breaks, he broke his jaw…trying to bite his own eyes. What particular commercial served as the final straw (paralyzed my camel)?

The commercial featuring a dancing grilled cheese sandwich? No. A dancing grilled cheese sandwich commercial is perfectly all right. If it annoys you, you can always smash a jukebox, go make a grilled cheese sandwich, and eat it in rips and growls (sigh…commercial still wins).

No. It was a commercial for a news segment on ABC-7 Eyewitness News: New York. A segment providing all the information you need about the Chinese “Toy Containing a ‘Date-Rape Drug” getting pulled.

Go. Leave Yesterday’s Salad, at least for a moment. Read this important article.

Because it is important – just to be clear. There’s nothing funny about children getting sick. But there’s something sick about trying to draw viewers’ attention by throwing the phrase ‘Date Rape’ into a headline – when it has very little to do with the main point. Or what should be the main point.

ABC-7 New York…? Ibiteyour(Eye)witness News.

…and just because I can’t help myself: Don’t leave your children alone in Australian bars or nightclubs with that toy.