Solidarity Forever

November 8, 2007

As the great Rabbi Dr. Professor Jurgen Haverstam, DHL pointed out in his very first post, Yesterday’s Salad is an indiscriminate supporter of any and all revolutions. So it is that several saladeers recently took part in a sympathy strike and went out to support their WGA brethren (even though that may mean the continued existence of YS’ 40th favorite new show of the season, Cavemen). Though we have once again taken to our keyboards (or, in the case of the Ciceronian, resumed hounding a baffled stenographer with his declaimations) and have begun to resume a normal “schedule,” this in no way means that we have turned into scabs (c’est a dire: Kerry Lightenberg). Rather, we will do whatever we can to help both the writers (who verily deserve increased shares of the pot; also, all those who wish to do their part should consider viewing the movie Newsies, probably the most accurate cinematic portrayal of the plight of the working class–with a singing and dancing Christian Bale–before getting involved) and society, who may never get to find out what happens between Ross and Rachel, Jim and Pam, Kate and Jack.

To that end, we bring you this footage of the new Beijing line 5:

and this awesome video/propaganda piece produced to inaugurate the Disneyland monorail (with special guest appearance from the nearly-handsome Vice-President, Richard Nixon):

I know that last video must have been hard for the fair people of Seattle. Only a few years after the planned Seattle Monorail was repealed, the massive infrastructure tax that would have supported Sound Transit expansions failed. Now Seattle residents find themselves in a double bind: no new “Office” episodes after next week, and no end to congestion in sight. And their basketball team is probably leaving town.

But cheer up Seattlites: life isn’t all sadness (and rain)! After all, there are still a few days of National Split Pea Soup Week left, and Sunday brings National Vanilla Cupcake day. Perhaps even an end to the strike? Who, I ask, could strike in the face of something so beautiful as national vanilla cupcake day?

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