Who Should Write the Next Superman? Vol.Who knows?

November 8, 2007

There is a man whose vision is sufficiently sweeping and epic to give the proper weight and sophistication to such a classic storyline. Superman is a man among men, a reluctant fighter who has been wronged by the evil powers-that-be on Krypton.  What we need is a man whose aesthetic is violent, but who creates stories apotheosizing the heroics of individuals in the face of imperious forces. It should be abundantly clear that the man to write the next Superman is Mel Gibson.

Mr. Gibson has made such films a calling card.  Whether it be William Wallace bare-assing the British or whatever the name of that guy he plays in The Patriot using a hatchet to hack up…um…the British, Gibson knows how to showcase heroism in the face of violent and trying times.  This in no way implies Sir (knighted by the Australian Parliament) Mel’s range is in any way limited.  Apocalypto represented a departure whereby an individual from one tribe tries to save his family from the evil other tribe.  There weren’t any British people in that movie at all.  Well, not that I know of (I never actually saw it).

As a fan, I believe this could be the vehicle for Gibson’s comeback.  Superman’s  story offers Gibson an opportunity to resuscitate the Judeo-Christian tradition he loves so well.  Kal-el, clearly of Jewish origin, will be clay in the hands of the potter, and Gibson will deftly transform a Jewish folk hero, forever lost in translation, into an ecumenical symbol.  At long last Superman will be a universal hero.  At the very least it will be awesome to see Lex Luthor get his Aramaic-speaking ass handed to him in bloody pieces.

One Response to “Who Should Write the Next Superman? Vol.Who knows?”

  1. dailysalad Says:

    Perhaps Mr. Gibson will manage to escape the trap of always using Lex Luthor, perhaps pitting Superman against the nefarious Lord Luthor Tarkington, KCB. Or against the worldwide Zionist conspiracy.

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