Rome: Season 3

November 15, 2007

While some may indeed wonder why it is that a man of my position, nature, station, and general eloquence and elocution, may ask why it is that I, a rhetor of the first order, master of the written and spoken word, one who flies above all others, being born upon the wings of a classical education, would deem to speak about something so lowly and plebian as a show on television, there is indeed a reason. It is not a reason of the higher sort, nor of an inspiring sort, this is no Philippic, no brandished rhetorical sword from which you may cleverly abridge and dip into the blood of your enemies, nay this is merely a speech of the basest nature. For I, while great and noble, must obey the dictates of the Caesarian Daily Salad, and must speak in praise of land reforms, of bad consulships and of base tv shows. And all of this a sword has compelled me to do, for although the pen is mightier in creating a work that may be a possession for all time, the sword is of a much better sort in respect to extracting blog posts from the unwilling. Indeed, even my rhetorical high style must be surrendered as I attempt to pass through the eye of the needle which is HBO journalism.

1) The year 69, the historic year of four emperors. It begin with some Nero prequel where he forces everyone to commit suicide and kills a lot of Christians, with Mel Gibson as the commander of the Praetorian guard. Then it would revolve around the entirely insiginificant Jewish characters of Josephus Flavius and the fictional Yohannan Ben Zakkai who seek to twist the Roman empire to their own visions of a Jewish commonwealth on the proviso that every scene was full of tits.

2) The Punic wars, probably beginning around 221. Hannibal could also moonlight as a neurotic serial killer played by Anthony Hopkins, so as to ease the tensions in the modern viewer, the infamous Fabius Cunctor could be played by a computer animated fat Marlon Brando, and the villainous Philip V, in a nod to a lesser known contemporary of Polybius would be a cross dressing Glenn Close. While no battles would actually be shown, the entire season would have to collapse in a tempestous love affair between Scipio almost Africanus, played by Ryan Gosling, and Hannibal, at Zama.

3) Set in a fictional parallel, Cicero decides to raise an army after the death of Caesar by means of his oratory. He invents heavy cavalry and the stirrup, by which he is able to enforce his idealized oligarchy upon the Roman people. After crushing Antony in the south, using only senators and equites, he is elected consul. When Octavian joins with Brutus and Cassius in an attempt to crush this new superpower, he gets into Greece first, as all three are attempting to land there. His war leader, the otherwise temperate Atticus, is played by Gerard Butler, who goes on to massacre the reputation of this otherwise entirely reputable historical figure. Cicero after a giant battle fought at Thermopylae, Marathon, and Platea, saves the Republic, but is poisoned by chickpeas after returning to Rome and crucifying Octavian.

8 Responses to “Rome: Season 3”

  1. dailysalad Says:

    O great rhetor who has surely slaved over his slaves in compiling this most excellent of lists. I, for one, would love to see the first of these options come to fruition, would love to see the Jewish War on a TV near me (alas, I do not get HBO). Perhaps we can continue to use our saladeering influence to put anxiety on the faltering network executives at the Home Box Office. Let us unite to ensure such an event.

  2. Aaron Says:

    This is ridiculous.

  3. Benjamin Says:

    “…saves the Republic, but is poisoned by chickpeas…”


  4. Paul Says:

    Rome is truly a masterpiece. Years from now, it will be studied in art classes around the world. Hopefully HBO will decide to make Season 3 and make history. Some say it does not make sense financially for HBO, that people want cheap, easy shows. It is a matter of education, too. How can they choose to watch a great show, if it is not offered ? If HBO would think long term bussiness too, they would decide to continue with Season 3. Meanwhile, you can write them at:
    …and continue to hope.

  5. Kimuli Derek Says:

    Hey HBO, am down here in Uganda but I watch ROME and it is like the BEST SERIe EVER. Even Prison Break does not count to it. I figured that costs must be high but everyone who wacthes it likes it. The sole problem is, PEOPLE DON’T KNOW IT EXISTS. You just failed to advertise it. Its a good adventure with nice characters. With all my years of movie wacthing and criticising the only critic to you is failing to give me another season. Am disappointed. Otherwise, it is really a Nice serie. I have always thought of producing a serie that dates back in the ages despite my not being a producer but you blessed me with Rome and shatterd my dreams so keep up your work Please.

  6. Negar Sheikh Taheri Says:

    this serie to me was the best series i have ever watched.when i started watiching this serie i watched it in 3 days cuz it is interesting and the same time it has 1000 of good points. its teaches too many things that might never and ever happen in today’s lives.actually this serie changed my life.the most important point of this serie was to know how destiny of a contry can be changed just with wemen’s games.every war happend was just because of a woman.i loved it cuz it is the truth of life that a woman can manipulate a man in anything she wishes.i mean i wish there will be season 3 for this serie cuz im dieing to watch it and so are my frineds.plz keep up ur work and finish it.

  7. Like we don’t know about his stash of ladies on the side

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