New York City Recycles Recyling

November 16, 2007

Ever since I moved in with shepicksyournose (who is a hippie), I have been more vigilant about recycling. “Real” garbage goes in the garbage can, bottles and cans (of beer, oh my!) go in the blue garbage, and paper and cardboard…get tossed in the corner of the room and behind the real garbage until such time as I gather the pile up in my arms piece by piece and throw it all out in the BIG paper garbage can outside the building. This much I have learned.

And to be honest, I feel better about it (my recycled garbage). I even separate my trash at work…though I recently watched the custodial lady for the office building “empty” my recycling bin by reaching into it with her hands, pulling the recyclable trash out, and disappearing into the hallway…where I know for a fact (a fact! a pact! a little bit a tact!) that she’s got only one garbage bag in her little yellow cart. So let me be clear about something before I say what I am about to say: I think it is a good thing that New York City advocates its recycling program.

However, if the city really wants to get people to recycle, it should probably spend more time and money impressing their target demographic…you know…people who live in the general realm of this decade.

I just saw a recycling commercial for New York’s program. On first viewing, I thought it had been retrofitted, culturally, to the 1980s. Later, I saw the commercial again. And then I thought, “Wait a minute. This commercial is actually from The 80s!”

Internet! Teach me!

  1. Found the web page for the recycling program:
  2. Browsed, looking for a page that might have video.
  3. After a few seconds. I found what I was looking for. I got lucky. I could have browsed forever, considering where that page was tucked away. Forever. On the Internet, that means four and a half minutes!
  4. Scrolled (like a man so bold!) down the page, in search of a poster image that matched up with the commercial I had just seen. Found that poster image.
  5. Discovered (like a man uncovered!) that the commercial was not as old as I had thought. It last appeared, before 2007, in 2004. Although, according to the page, the commercial was originally developed in 2001.
  6. Except I scrolled down some more, and saw the same poster image, for a set of commercials developed in 1997 and 1998 (practically the 1980s!).
  7. A recycled recycling commercial! What’s next? A bird watcher from Texas who stalks and snipes cats under a bridge?
  8. But then I saw with my own eyes…that I was wrong.

Upon closer inspection…the truth…as reported by Internet:

They are all different commercials. The characters were conceived in 1997. Ten years ago. New York City is just trying to keep up a storyline. You know, stay with a consistent brand image. And, anyway, the commercials are pretty entertaining.

So what’s the problem? Why do all of you have to be so critical all the time?

Please recycle.

I! Am! Ibiteyoureyes!

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