January 6, 2008

After a few years of hard work and perseverance, a good friend has finally taken the next step on a wonderful and rewarding journey.  Some might say that we saw this coming a long ways away. And others might tell a little-known story about how this humble author had a bet with said friend about the whole thing, a silly bet, really.

This bet was about an excellent movie, BASE-ketball, and whether it would be on cable on a given night.  Well, as a wager, this author encouraged his friend to go through and follow his dreams, and if said movie was on (it was! what were the chances of that?), this author would do everything he could to support his friend’s pursuit of said dream (of course, it was kind of a win-win wager to begin with).  So, a few years in the making, it’s finally happened.

So, congratulations to you, Barack Obama! for winning the Iowa primary, and the hearts of the voting public. Shine on, you crazy diamond!